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Reminder: Legacy Playtest Tonight at 6:00pm EST

Just a reminder to those who may have forgotten, Legacy playtests take place every Saturday at 6:00pm EST.  Quite a few changes have been made since last week’s test, including flag grab radius, goal placements, increased trampoline jump height, new maps from Greth and more.  See below for a list of recent changes.

While not required, joining Legacy FPS on the NA Tribes mumble during playtests helps with any issues or feedback you may have for the developer (Smooth_P).  Joining the official IRC room is also a good idea, along with waiting before playtests begin to download the latest build since multiple builds are created and uploaded frequently.  All of these links can be found on our Legacy page.

There’s also a strong chance that these games will be streamed live on TribesCastNetwork.

List of recent changes in Legacy:

  • Players may now earn certain “defensive player” buffs based on where they are on the field:
  • The longest-lived player in his own crease gets the Goalkeeper buff, which gives 100% damage reduction from weapons fire, 50% impulse reduction from other players, 25% extra impulse to other players and the flag, and a greatly increased flag grab radius.
  • The closest player(s) to their own goal may receive the Sweeper buff, which gives 75% damage reduction from weapons fire, 25% impulse reduction from other players, and an increased flag grab radius.
  • The number of buffs is limited by team size, with priority going to goalkeeper. Being too close to an opponent’s goal will prevent a player from getting the sweeper buff.
  • Jackpots are now separated by team and have an increased cash out bonus (up to 3x the goal value). Trick points fill the jackpot but don’t add directly to the team score.
  • Goals have been lowered and made slightly smaller to encourage both more offensive action and positional defense.
  • All players will respawn at base after a goal.
  • Bounce passes are back in, a pass that has bounced is worth half points.
  • Respawn timer tweaks (a bit faster to spawn in field away from flag scrums, a tiny bit slower at base).
  • Slapshots are now 20% stronger than a full charge throw.
  • Slapshot goals are worth double points (up from 1.5x). Trick worthy slapshot passes are worth 2 extra points rather than having their points multiplied.
  • Slight increase to trampoline jump efficiency.
  • Selenitic height scale reduced by 25%.
  • Elegiac scaled significantly larger and steeper.
  • Various minor scoring tweaks.

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